Dust emission: a major problem

In the daily life, dust is considered as a major problem in mineqs and quarries. Teclinea environnement offers innovating solutions in order to comply with specific requirements that are always stronger in this field of activity.
Companies that generate high dust emissions have to comply with rules and meet specific requirements regarding equipment which may be a source of danger for the environment, the neighbourhood or the employees.

Such installations called "ICPE" (Installations Classified for Environmental Protection) are listed in a nomenclature, and have, before starting operating or before changing or diversifying their activity, to register an ICPE file with the Prefecture showing in details all risks that may be involved and the means that will be implemented to prevent and repair, as the case may be.

Aspect réglementaire des poussières

    Regulatory references:

  • description réglementaireFrench Labour Code, article R.231-54 to 58:
    Air purification is compulsory by virtue of the regulation: the average concentration measured at the working station considering a daily basis of 8 hours shall be under 1 mg dust per air cubic meter.
  • description réglementaireThe dusting-related decree 94-784 of September 2nd, 1994, is additional to the general regulation of May 7th, 1980 referring to extracting industries. This regulation is aimed at preventing risks of mixed dust pneumoconiosis and more especially risks of silicosis:
    - By reducing the dust emissions within the workplace's environment,
    - By only authorizing/qualifying employees being able to work in a dusty environment
  • description réglementaireAmended order of February 2nd, 1988, referring to water samplings and water consumption, as well as to emissions of any kind arising from "Installations Classified for Environmental Protection" that are subject to authorization.