Dedusting via atomizing process

The technology of Teclinea environnement is based upon atomization, process enabling to disperse an ultra-fine fog.
  • détails dépoussièrageLow water consumption (2 litres for 1 ton).
  • détails dépoussièrageAmount of moisture reduced in the materials and in the treated area.
  • détails dépoussièrageIndependent setting accuracy for the different stations to be treated.
  • détails dépoussièrageVery easy to implement.
  • détails dépoussièrageNo chemical additive.
  • détails dépoussièrageFlexibility: possibility of extending or modifying the installation.

Principle of the «Sonic DS» system:

Fog is generated via atomizing nozzles that operate with air and water under low pressure. When flowing out from the nozzle pressure tube, water mixes with compressed air at high frequencies and «bumps» against an ultrasonic resonator. Through the shock wave, the water-air mixture fractionates into millions of micro-droplets of 1 to 10 microns diameter.

The water droplets that are produced by the atomizing nozzles contain highly positive charges in accordance with the dust particles that contain at the contrary negative charges. There is thus attraction between the dust particles and the fog droplets as far as both elements converge in a same volume.
Atomizing nozzles are in stainless steel. They are self-cleaning using the effect of the shock wave involved at the output of the « Ultrasonic » atomizer.

    The «Sonic DS» system includes:

  • détails dépoussièrage The definition of the stations that are suitable to be most efficiently treated,
  • détails dépoussièrage The type of equipment for each station to be treated,
  • détails dépoussièreage The automatic draining of the piping network if it's freezing,
  • détails dépoussièrage Modulating boxes for adjusting the outflow and fineness of the generated fog
  • détails dépoussi&rage All electric controls that have to be connected to the PLC,
  • détails dépoussièrage The water and air filtering station which also monitors the pressures and the draining of the water circuit,
  • détails dépoussièrage The wiring and hydraulic diagrams intended for the designed installation.

Synoptique d’une installation

Buses d’atomisation gouttelettes d’eau &  particules de poussières