Mobile Solution for dust separation

Teclinea specialist of dedusting offers a dedusting by misting mobile solution: Motofog.

Motofogis a nebulized jet dust suppression equipped with an internal combustion engine, which drives the high pressure pump. The water is sent to the nozzles holder head with rotation and lift by hand or electric movement. The jet is positioned to a height, which doesn't disturb the technicians in the building site.

It's The need to have a machine for the dust separation being versatile, efficient and independent has brought to the development of Motofog.

Technical Specification of Motofog: mobile solution dedusting spray water: Motofog
mobile solution mist dedusting

The advantages :
  • atomizationEconomic saving.
  • atomizationThe water saving in comparison to the traditional systems is remarkable.
  • atomizationThere will be no more electrical cables in the building site and in the puddles.
  • atomizationTo facilitate moving around the buildingsite, the machine is equipped with wheels and can also receive a container of water.

Motofog with DUAL JET is highly flexible and suits perfectly the operator's requirements.
The mounted nozzles allow, through a simple manoeuvre, some jets which can advantage the range or the width according to the operation necessities.

Our mobile solution for dedusting addresses to the companies working in the building industry, in demolition works and in any other field where there must be done works, which have the necessity to eliminate dust, smells and fumes.

Mobile solution of dedusting with mist is available with thermal or electric motor.

Engine Power kW 5.5 7.3 6.6 9.5 4 6
Range till m 25 35 25 35 25 35
Slewing Corner ° 90 90 90 90 90 90
Vertical Angle ° -8/+38 -8/+38 -8/+38 -8/+38 -8/+38 -8/+38
Nozzles Number 2 2 2 2 2 2
Water pressure bar 25-80 25-80 25-80 25-80 25-80 25-80
Water Quality sweet non aggressive water
 Water Comsumption  l/1' max 20 40 20 40 20 40
Uptim h 6 6 6 6 - -
Weight (Manual) kg 187(185) 207(205) 155(140) 180(165) 166(162) 176(172)
Motor Diesel Petrol 400 V 50 Hz 3+T
solution mobile de dépoussièrage par brumisation

mobile solution slaughter by dust mist Ideal for use in an environment with dust, as here, a career.
atomization Depending on the requirements related to the operating conditions, the operator is able to focus the scope or breadth of the mist.
dedusting techniques by misting Remote head control through radio.
atomization Master controller head control.

With Motofog a water supply is enough to be immediately working. The costs are limited because you don't need power units and everything is space-saving and has reduced weights.

For more information, download our PDF Mobile solution for mist dedusting (Motofog).